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What the Club Measures

The current suite of measures is as follows:

 Customer satisfaction (repairs)    Customer satisfaction - planned works  
 Percentage of repairs finished on first visit    Percentage non decent homes  
 Post inspections as percentage of jobs complete    Percentage homes made decent in last year  
 Repairs - average completed on time    Kitchen refurbishment costs  
 Cost - average job cost of repair    Bathroom refurbishment costs  
 Average cost per unit per annum    Window replacement costs  
 Average time taken per job    Boiler replacement costs  
 Appointments - made and kept    Full heating installation costs  
 Repair order frequency by unit (day to day)    Electrical upgrade costs  
 Repairs access rates    Replacement roofing costs  
 Cost - average job cost of void repairs    Customer satisfaction - adaptations  
 Voids - average turnaround time (key to key)    Unit costs - adaptations  
 Customer satisfaction - quality of new home    Expenditure per unit per year - revenue  
     Expenditure per unit per year - capital  
 GAS    End to end revenue and capital  
 Customer satisfaction - overall service (gas)    CYCLICAL DECORATIONS  
 Number of expired certificates      
 Average time of expired certificates    Customer satisfaction - service  
 Cost per service    Average cost per property per annum  
 Appointments made and kept    Period of painting cycle - internal and external   
 Gas breakdown complete on first visit      
 Number of breakdowns as percentage of stock    PRICE PER VOID  
 PRICE PER PROPERTY    Gross Price Per Void using fixed price model  
     Cost breakdown Price Per Void  
 Gross Price Per Property (Repairs) using fixed price model    Percentage of Price per Void  (Exclusions)  
 Cost breakdown Price Per Property (Repairs)    Percentage of Price per Void (Risk)  
 Percentage of Price per Property being (exclusions)      
 Percentage of Price per Property being (risk      


Upcoming AMIP member meetings:

23rd March 2018

7th June 2018

5th September 2018

5th December 2018